Sukute Beach

Sukute Beach is famous for river rafting. Rafting is done in the Bhotekoshi River.

Our rafting was managed by Mountain River Rafting, Thamel. Mountain River Rafting has a 1day/1night package that includes dinner, lodging, breakfast, rafting and lunch. The package costs Rs. 3500 per person.


We, a group of 14 people, had planned the rafting for Friday. On Friday, after packing our clothes and stuffs, we started our trip to Sukute beach at around 4 pm. We traveled via the Arniko highway. We reached Sukute Beach at around 8pm. We went to a resort. We rested for some time and had our dinner. There were a lot of people probably because it was the weekend. Our friend danced to many songs after our dinner. Then we went to sleep, thinking of rafting.  The next day, we had our breakfast at around 8 and then got ready for rafting. We had to travel around 8 km north from the Sukute beach. Our rafting would start there and end at the  resort we stayed. After reaching the place, we got geared up ready to go for rafting. And... not so soon....:D... A guide jumped in and began to teach us the basics about the rafting. After learning the basics, we got on the raft and with a captain on the back of the raft, we began our rafting down the Bhotekoshi river. The duration of rafting was about two and half an hours long covering a distance of about 13km.


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Location: Sukute Beach

Latitude: 27.6961944

Longitude: 85.7489629

Altitude: 677 m